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  1. My blog / diary / about weight loss, better health, weddings, dogs, drinking, & life

    updates are at the bottom...

    So my goal is to be @ 250lbs on Feb 16th 2015 on -1000 Calories per day. I'll try to keep this updated daily. I don't know which will be harder.. this or quitting g.. as I have to do both.. or start growing flowers.

    cj7 - 10-17-2013 08:29 AM

    Well I blew the diet to hell n gone last weekend.. but it was worth it.

    On another note, I am beginning to notice a slight difference in how things fit.. ...

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  2. Member of the month post - Aug 2013

    First off, thanks for the votes and selecting me to be Member of the month. I'm honored.

    Got started wheeling when I was a kid riding all the back roads and fire roads with my Daddy. Turned teenager and got into the go fast stuff and girls. fast forward 10 years and was married with a stepson and a baby boy. First real 4x4 was a 79 Chevy shortbed on 36" TSL's with a 4" lift. I had no clue what was what.. just knew that it never rained enough so I could go play in the

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