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March Member Of The Month.

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Woot woot I'm your March 2014 MOTM.
How I got into the sport really goes back to the mid 80's. Not into Rock Crawling back then but building and fabricating never the less. My Passion for building..guess you can say I was born to build.
1970 Nova's and street racing was the norm. 383 Stroker, Muncie 4 speed, Mr. Gasket V gate shifter, disk brakes and a aluminum Radiator was the brunt of it. shaved molding sporting Corvette rims, rear was widen 1" for a sleeper look. All of my brothers did this kind of work. Something to past the time and make old junk look good.

Fast forward to 2004 I ran into CJ7 on the board and Chaparro Mike at the Den. I had my hunting truck with me. 1980 LWB painted camo on 33" BFG's. I really thought that was cool climing rocks. The mud was getting old and changing out a alt. on a Toyota really does suck.

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  1. mnmstoy's Avatar
    As I call it Evolution my Toyota transformed over the years to a one ton axled Rig. sporting a Chevy 4.3 V6/SM465/Dana 300 with 4.1 kit in it running on propane.

    10 years of wheeling and enjoy the many great friends I made over the year.
    I venture out once again for change and cut my Rig up and starting over. This time I'm building a Buggy. same Truck less sheet metal.

    I guess for me the end will be when I can no longer cut or weld. And I hope that is 30 plus years from now.
    This is my entry. I've had a blast the last ten years and hope to keep going for as long as I can God Willing.
  2. cj7's Avatar
    cool deal... Nice writeup vato...

  3. Cottontail's Avatar
    Enjoyed your write up. Love the street racer!
  4. Tigger's Avatar
    X3- Can't wait to see the final product !
  5. fourwheelerjeff's Avatar
    good write up Mike, not many people can say they have wheeled the same rig as long as you have!