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Search results

  1. fourwheelerjeff

    For Sale

    got some stuff I need to sell; 1: 1979 K5 Blazer with 4.10 44/14 bolt combo and 12" Superlift on it. Blazer is from Ohio and very rusty. I do have a title. $1250.00 2: car hauler with 5 brand new tires from Discount with certs. $1350 3: (4) 44/18.5-15 Swamper TSL. these tires have been wheeled...
  2. fourwheelerjeff

    stock Chevy Dana 60 steering arm

    looking for a stock Chevy Dana 60 steering arm/King pin cap
  3. fourwheelerjeff

    Coilovers or Air shocks

    looking for some 14", 16" or 18" coilovers or "air" shocks Thanks
  4. fourwheelerjeff

    orbital and ram

    looking for an orbital and ram for a Dana 60
  5. fourwheelerjeff

    T350 to 23 spline Toyota

    Looking for a Turbo 350 27 spline to Toyota 23 spline adapter. I can use either the coupling or the whole kit.
  6. fourwheelerjeff


    just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 to all on here, I hope you have a good wheeling year :ram1:
  7. fourwheelerjeff

    New trailer

    I have been wanting a new trailer with more capacity for a while. I had been looking at PJ buggy haulers and found one I was really interested in and had called the place a couple of times and talked to them about it. then I remember asking on a FB group around Amarillo and got a recommendation...
  8. fourwheelerjeff

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    We (Tamela and I) would like to wish our Rockkrawler family a Happy Thanksgiving, I am glad to see new life being breathed into this site and hopefully it will continue to grow. Even though I have not been wheeling in over 2 years I am hoping this move will offer more free time and I will be...
  9. fourwheelerjeff


    if you have read any of my posts you will know that I am getting real close to being able to retire (18 months). as you may know I work for the USPS. there is a job opening in Childress TX and I put in for it and got it. my wife is from a small community called Kirkland that is about 10 miles SE...
  10. fourwheelerjeff

    Orbital 100 ML

    Looking for an orbital 100 ML to use on my conglomeration buggy Thanks
  11. fourwheelerjeff

    the conglomeration

    a few of you may remember "the conglomeration". I call it this because it is a conglomeration of parts. Toyota frame, Samurai cab, GM 229 V6 motor, GM T350 transmission, dual Toyota cases, and Toyota axles. one linked in the rear with a grader ball and still on leafs in the front, it is the...
  12. fourwheelerjeff

    my rides

    have always been addicted to vehicles. I think I am an idiot sometimes for this addiction. I have been told for years that I should concentrate on 1 or 2 but instead I have automotive ADD. I call it the BBD, I am always looking for the Bigger Better Deal!! I bought my house in 2010 and at that...
  13. fourwheelerjeff

    Happy 4th of July!!

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!!!! :usa::pepsi::beer::bbq::usa:
  14. fourwheelerjeff

    utility/service bed

    looking for a utility/service bed for a 2002 Dodge dually.
  15. fourwheelerjeff

    vehicles for sale

    1979 Blazer for sale. asking $1250. it is in rough shape. it originally came from up north and is rusty as all get out. when you slam the door more rust falls off of it. I am selling it for the lift and axles though; everything else is just extra. it does have an engine and I have actually drove...
  16. fourwheelerjeff

    Happy Birthday to .......

    Happy Birthday to our own Projectfreedom, aka Robert. :birthday::birthday::birthday:
  17. fourwheelerjeff

    new tires for JK

    got some 40's for my JK and looking at getting new wheels for it too.
  18. fourwheelerjeff

    Happy Birthday Monster Crawler!!

    :birthday::birthday::birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris (Monster Crawler) it's a day late, I was out of town
  19. fourwheelerjeff

    2002 Dually mods

    well my dually dropped the turbo the other day and I decided in the process of fixing it I would try to upgrade it a little. it is mainly a tow rig and I am not going to try make a drag truck out of it. so I upgraded the turbo to an HX40, Crazy Carl's 3.5" intake horn and intercooler tubes, 4"...
  20. fourwheelerjeff

    Happy Birthday Projectfreedom!!

    :birthday::birthday::birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Robert!!