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Jul 8, 2013
It's been twenty years. So much has happened since that day. I remember where I was what I was doing and who was around me. Was getting ready to leave work and a friend told me a plane had hit the WTC. When I got home I turned on the news and I was shocked! I put a blank tape in the VCR and hit record, kept watching and saw the 2nd plane hit the other tower.

Called my Dad, woke him up and told him what was happening.

My Son was 16 then and we watched the news all day. I wish I still had that video tape.

911 irrevocably changed the World and how we interact forever. I had a trip to South Africa planned at the End of September 2001, When 911 happened, all flights were grounded. it was really weird going outside for a smoke and never seeing any planes. I was working in Austin at that time. Flights were just starting up again when it was time for my trip. I was on a huge Jet and very few people on it. going and coming. long ass lines to get on the plane coming back. I recall one time we stopped and visited with some friends and one of the older guys asked me what did I think the US would do in response. I said "Revenge" We will get our revenge for what has happened. So much death that day and in the years after, Life is fragile at best sometimes.

The World today is definitely a much different World from my first 40 years.

Don't take things for granted, stop, have a seat under a old tree, listen to nature and take time to See what is around you., make the time for the family, kids, Spouse, SO, Parents, siblings. Remember to be thankful for the life you have, We only get one shot at this, make it count.