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Garage workings


Well-known member
Aug 3, 2013
So since this whole lock down and not being able to go anywhere, I have been able to get alot of work done in the garage.
1st thing was getting the buggy ( the ugly stripper) in the garage, did a tune up, oil change, went over all the suspension bolts after almost losing a leaf spring bolt at trees ranch, replaced the broken rear shocks, replaced the rear sticking caliper, removed the doubler and installed 4.7 gears in the rear case.
2nd thing pulled the new new rig( 98 tj no name yet)in to the garage install new longer studs on the rear axle front and rear diff service, tune up, oil change, transmission fluid change, dropped the tcase out installed my econobox, measured for rear drive shaft.
To short no drive shaft co.pany could make one work so removed doubler and put the 4:1 teralow tcase back in the jeep.
3red pulled the struggle buggy ( buddies 02 tj) in and replaced the rear dana 35 that he has already blown up once with a Rubicon d44 with factory disc brakes and locker. And since that made his drive shaft not fit we got a sye for his tcase. Pulled it out and installed the sye. Installed the new rear drive shaft. Replaced the alternator and basic maintenance, oil change diff fluids trans fluid.
4th built my daughter a indoor playground with climbing holes, rock wall, slide is coming as is the firemans pole.

Over all been super busy and quiet productive



Well-known member
Aug 3, 2013
So it appears that same leaf spring bolt has an issue with backing out I found it loose again after a trip to wolf caves.

So this next 2 weeks is gonna be fixing trail repairs and making everything trail worthy again since they are all going on this next trip.
Buggy is getting, new motor mounts, a once over on the suspension, bleed the clutch, and diff fluid change it's been leaking.
Tj is getting new front shocks, a/c charge and new control panel so the a/c Does not burn the jeep down
Pebbles is getting a new battery and possibly some tint to keep the kid cool.


Active member
Jul 12, 2013
I’m in the same boat but with my house. Finished building last July, moved in August, and then got super busy with work. After Beer Flu hit, I spent the first month boozing everyday until I realized I had a lot of work to do. Cleared a bunch of brush, cleaned out some remaining construction debris, put up the remaining 300’ of ranch fence with a cedar door to allow my mother in law to come over whenever :argue:, and just started on working on getting my front gate put up. Hope to have the gate done this weekend then finish a drainage project with some french drains before the Colorado Trip. That way I can focus on rebuilding the blazer once I get back.