Member of the month post - Aug 2013


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Jul 8, 2013
First off, thanks for the votes and selecting me to be Member of the month. I'm honored.

Got started wheeling when I was a kid riding all the back roads and fire roads with my Daddy. Turned teenager and got into the go fast stuff and girls. fast forward 10 years and was married with a stepson and a baby boy. First real 4x4 was a 79 Chevy shortbed on 36" TSL's with a 4" lift. I had no clue what was what.. just knew that it never rained enough so I could go play in the mud. got it dirty a few times, started having trouble with the clutch, couldn't get it right.. I'd push the pedal down to shift and if I went too far, it'd stick. have to stop and use a pry bar to pop it back out. drilled some holes in the bottom of the bell housing to make getting the pry bar in faster and easier. Drove it like this for a while, motor burned up from lack of water, put a new short block in it, and traded it in on a 81 Jeep CJ7, bone stock except for a Warn 8274 winch. drove it like that for a year or so, discovered the off road magazines and never looked back. got a 4" lift, 3" body lift, some 38.5 gumbo mudders and some chrome hood stuff. ( chrome makes it go more better ) :grin:

Kept this one for quite a while then life changes and traded it in one a Z28 Camaro. drove the Camaro for a while, then bought another truck. Started doing mechanic work and found a 71 Chevy shortbed 4x4 and bought it. spent more time working on it than I did driving it. sold it and bought a CJ5.

had the CJ5 for a short time and bought another cj7, with a busted motor. had a new engine installed in it and drove that off and on for a year or so.

then I traded the CJ7 in on a TJ, that I had for a few years, also bought a 85 Chevy SWB 4x4 that I fixed up. The TJ started out stock, then went with 31" SSR's, then went to 33" boggers, then 36" SX's.

while I was driving the TJ in the beginning, I also started building the 85 Chevy SWB. started out with 39" boggers on the 10 bolts.

then added a 8" lift, and 39" TSL's. and still looking for that mudhole..

Caleb at 16 or 17 years old.

times got hard, out of work, etc. and parted out the 85 SWB, sold the lift and such off the TJ to my cousin, the TJ sat on blocks for a while, then I put all stock suspension back on, moved to San Antonio, and after finding work again, started building up the TJ once more. This is when the 36 SX's came into play. worked sucked again, the TJ got repo'ed. and was without a rig for a while.

Found this rig from a fellow up in Dallas, A couple friends were able to bring it down for me. and a year or so after I got it, was able to finally start building on it.

it turned into this..

had it for a while, started to change it up, life got in the way again, parted it out, and cut up the rest. split the blanket with the ex, and later met Juana who pretty much saved me from myself and together we have built this current one - CJ7

The CJ7 build took approximately two years to complete. ( not that it's ever completed ) current stats are:

Chevy 350 TBI Engine - stock
Turbo 700r4 Auto transmission, built to the hilt, with full manual reverse valve body with engine braking, corvette servo's upgraded clutch's, and hard parts.
Atlas 4.3 Transfer case.
Four link suspension frt and rear.
GM Dana 60 front axle with 5:13 gears and a spool. RPM drive flanges
GM 14 bolt rear axle with 5:13 gears, Yukon locker, Disc brakes
Full hydro steering / with PSC orbital
Custom roll cage, with crow safety harnesses
F.O.A 2.5" Coil-overs in front
Ramsey 9500 winch
Cutting brakes
TSL/SX 43.14.50x17 tires mounted on Trail Ready Beadlocks
Autometer Gauges.

Future upgrades planned are:
Coilovers in the rear.
Anto-rock bar
Fresh motor
suspension seats
additional cage work.

Life's been good, I've made a lot of friends in the wheeling community, had a lot of fun. seen some rough times, but the good have out numbered the bad by a long ways.. and these last few years have been the best years of my life.


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Jul 8, 2013
Post your story ... when was the first time you met Cj7 ?


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Jul 9, 2013
we first "met" on another board. the first time we met in person was the first texas4x4 run at barnwell in march of 03.

sadly, no that wasn't my rig. it was nick's (fulltopblazer) and you can see Kenny in the background. my girls and I rode with him as I didn't have a rig that was trail worthy back then. we have steadily became better friends as we have talked to each other in some way or another for over 10 years now. thru good times and bad times in both our lives we have reached out to one another.
Congrats Kenny!!


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Jul 12, 2013
Don't recall the first time I met Kenny in person, but do remember one of our first direct interactions on a forum. I kinda went PBB on him without knowing he was King of the Jungle. Surprised I didn't get to fill a spot in the band.

Always been a pleasure to hang out with Kenny in the real world.

Awesome Bill

Heysus Rojo
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Jul 10, 2013
First time I meet Kenny was at the old K-rocks. I remember thinking this dude is really cool. Still is I guess. :)


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Jul 28, 2013
First time I met CJ7 was at the rock garden at that place that is not to be named:smile:. Mike introduced me to CJ7 there....I think this was right before the repo jeep thing happened. CJ7 was sittin in the shade next to his still then jeep watchen a freind get his rig up a course. CJ7 didnt have much to say this day. Now that i know him a little better Id say he was preoccupied.....somethin on his mind. Cuz if you know Kenny, he aint quiet...allways has somethin to say that will make you laugh or make you smile.


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Mar 20, 2014
First time I met Kenny was on the forum 4-11-04. (I join date :wink: ) Later in person that year at Barnwell on the trails. We live half a state apart, but I have still managed to make it to his home a couple of times. I feel my life has been enriched knowing him and all the midnight4wheelers.