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New Setup and forum Software


Staff member
Jul 8, 2013
Welcome to the new home of Rockkrawler.org should be faster, and more user friendly.

Great thing about a online Forum \ Community, Things that are posted are easily found even when using a search, That's not so easy on the Book of Faces.

There are three styles installed, Default, Red and Dark. to choose yours scroll to the bottom left and you will see the option to change. see attached pic.

Media gallery is badass, it uploads up to 100 pics at a time, and does it fast. Previously known as the Photo Gallery.

Any questions, post them here. If you cannot login, email or text me.

I'll be doing different modifications as we grow, any ideas for improvements feel free to share. in this thread.

Kenny aka Cj7, aka Rastus, aka Olecoot aka thatawesomecoolguy 🤘


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Staff member
Jul 8, 2013
right :) the more folks visit and post stuffs about wheeling, wrenching, trips, events, etc.. the more traffic will come and the board will grow.. it just takes time.. 🤘 :thumbsup: