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Jul 10, 2013
So who has actually used it? I know it needs to be top coated for UV protection, and also shouldn't be used on already painted surfaces. Needing to paint my trailer, and of course the underside was never painted by the factory. It has rust, not crusty/bubbly, but stuff I need to get in front of. Plans are to rip the deck off, knock off anything loose rust wise and Por15 everything bare. Everywhere that's painted already I will spot touch up any bare spots with primer, and then just top coat everything with some sort of Enamel I can brush/Roll on. I've read some say chassis black is better, some say they are the same, some say they both suck lol. I've never used either so I'm looking for input.
My dad used this on the frame of his 70 Camaro, the underbody, and the floor almost 20 years ago. Besides being dirty it still looks the same as the day he applied it.