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Texans helping Texans


Staff member
Jul 8, 2013
Short notice I know but after looking in all directions as to where we could be of the most help, the decision has been made to leave SA on Thursday morning and head to Victoria. We were invited by the Chamber of Commerce there, gave us a location to set up. They need help. If you would like to donate anything, toothpaste, paper products, baby food, diapers, money or your TIME please let us know and we will make arrangements to pick it up it you can't get to us. We will be cooking a meal and passing out disaster bags for those that need them. Join us if you can.

If you are local, Drop by the Egales Lodge at 2230 Hunt Lane, San Antonio, West Side - 9am to 10pm tomorrow trucks will be loading up all day as donations come in.

If you are remote, PM RVreddog for info on how to help.

This is being put on by a number of people. all the names I do not know, but Quality Remodel is one of the many,. I want to make sure to give thanks where it is due to the Volunteers setting this up and going to assist.
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Staff member
Jul 8, 2013
Women’s Hygiene products
Dental Hygiene products
Face towels
Body towels
Hand soap
Hand sanitizer
Baby wipes
First aid kits
Pet food
Bug spray
Zip Lock Bags
Trash bags


Staff member
Jul 8, 2013
update with phone #'s to call

Any donation will be greatly appreciated whether goods or monetary. Questions Contact Omar @ 409-5938 Chance @ 304-9599 or Cecilia @ 709-3090 . Thanks to our brothers at The Fraternal Order of Eagles for allowing us to use their facilities.